Friday, February 8, 2008

Modular Homes - A Great Find. Affordable and Durable


I just have to tell you about a great company find we found.

First, I must disclosure that I'm a Real Estate Broker. Love the job of helping folks, absolutely love it!

Last year, we found a unique product line. So neat that we are now carrying the buildings exclusively. Personally, I wasn't a fan of modular homes UNTIL I saw this company - 21st Century Homes & Structures, out of Saratoga Springs, NY. Wow, such a sturdy home. The secret is the steel core interior of each home, and the certification rules it must pass before delivery. This gives each home, building, unit its wind resistant integrity, energy efficiency and pest proofness (well, we still have little critters here in the North country .. I mean carpenter ants, termites).

Homes and structures can span up to 60' wide and tower 7 stories high without support interior walls. For those creative folks, interior rooms can be designed a million different ways. For the non-creative folks, they have nice floor plans that can be easily modified for the family needs. 21st Century Homs & Structures builts right here in the USA, to be delivered turnkey. Yep, not in pieces that you later have to put together. They do it all (if you wish) from excavation, foundation and ground work, and complete installation. Or they can ship to your location if you'd like to partake of your favorite neighborhood excavator. All you needs is an idea, a checkbook, a little bit of time for building, and get the key to the door!

Well perhaps not that simple, as there are many choices to be made of color, upgrades, styles that you'll won't want to resist. 21st Century Homes are not just for New York, but can be delivered world wide. 21st Century Homes & Structures is a NY approved system manufaturer. So they have to live up to some stiff requirements. Far better than Mr. Carpenter needs to do!

Check out their web site: Don't let the name fool you, they aren't a steel shiny commercial sterile looking homes. Also available are commercial buildings (disaster recovery units, prisons, offices, motels, apartments, etc.)

The company is family owned, so they know where the heart is. 21st Century Homes & Structures recent "in the works" project is in the Adirondack Park (upstate NY) in a subdivision called Buena Vista at Willsboro Point in Willsboro, along the beautiful shore of Lake Champlain. The homes that are being built now, have lake rights, community water, private septic. They make nifty vacation homes that are finally affordable. If you'd like to check these homes out, visit: under "waterfront" "Willsboro."

Actually, 21st Century Home & Structure's goals is to make housing affordable. Their personal favorite structure is the family ranch and have some nice styles (even log faced for that country feel). Depending on size, I believe the 1,500 s/f home has a low per square foot of $72-75 per square foot! Try doing that with a builder! Smaller homes have a slightly higher per square foot for obvious reasons; but all of 21st Century Homes & Structure's have the goal of affordability and durability.

If you'd like your own info packet (no obligation) sent to you, drop us a line on either web site. We're just so excited, and hope you are too! Thanks for your time.

Darleen March, Broker, Adirondack Country Homes Realty

The Adirondack Park

Have you heard of the Adirondack Park?

Yes? No? The Adirondack Park is the USA's largest state owned Park in New York. We're called Adirondackers that live here, and it's a great place to vacation. I've been living here for only 11 years, but I'm still discovering the Park's beauty. I've been working, and having fun, on a web site that spills the beans on thise great part of our country.

Check out: and you'll see what I mean.

There are so many places to visit.

In my work life, when I'm not playing in the Park, I'm a Real Estate Broker, Adirondack Country Homes Realty Inc.. We have eight office locations throughout the Park, and super great team of agents. If you're convinced that the Park is a great place to play, you might want to explore a getaway cabin here. Just a hint! One can't go wrong with investing in vacation real estate in an tourist area. I've had my own personal success in real estate here in the Adirondacks, and welcome to my share ideas, and the team's ideas with you. Our team really cares, and you can visit them at:

Thanks and enjoy! Darleen